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    Domenico "Sem" Semeraro foto (giovedì, 10 gennaio 2019 14:17)

    Thanks Stephan for your comment!!!

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    Stephan de la Motte (mercoledì, 09 gennaio 2019 23:22)

    I'm coming from the link on Mac of BIOnightT's website. At this visit, I looked carefully at your street photography. I find each and every of the black-and-white photos to be a top-notch masterpiece. On eye-level with Henry Cartier-Bresson. Of course, you made many more photos, but I think it's part of the art of photography to select wisely which photos to show publicly and which to keep for yourself. I can see that you have mastered the art very well. And yes, you are right: It's not the camera which makes the art, it's only the eye of the photographer. The equipment is not important. Congratulations and greetings from Germany. Stephan de la Motte

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    Massimo (lunedì, 06 aprile 2015 19:50)

    Ottime foto e grande fotografo

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    domenicosemerarofoto (giovedì, 01 gennaio 2015 13:40)

    Thank you all for your nice comments, I really appreciate it! Reading your kind words is a great stimulus for me and makes me want to do even better. Thank you again to everybody!

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    Dante Gambino (martedì, 30 dicembre 2014 08:27)

    Hi Sem.
    I had visited your wonderful place for the first time some months back getting a nice impression. I came back today founding a lot more new photos to admire (I spent quite time watching all of them).
    Keep up your great work and please keep inspiring Mac with new photos that will lead him to new albums. You both do a fantastic team work.

    Regards from Chile.
    Dante Gambino.

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    pino (venerdì, 31 ottobre 2014 19:52)

    bellissime foto, grande lavoro

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    Jake (mercoledì, 22 ottobre 2014 17:44)

    Your photos are absolutely beautiful! Keep up the great work!

    -a fellow photographer, in America

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    Max (venerdì, 30 maggio 2014 00:48)

    Sono partito dalle foto "geometriche" del lungolago e scopro adesso tante altre perle che spaziano attraverso temi e concetti molto diversi tra loro. In questo preciso istante ho davanti agli occhi i colori e le linee sinuose dei Riflessi sul Lago che sono davvero uniche; mi chiedo quante volte i miei occhi hanno avuto la possibilità di percepire certe cose che la mia attenzione ha deciso però di ignorare. Complimenti Domenico, oltre che per la capacità "tecnica", anche per questo suo talento veramente unico che la porta a saper cogliere attimi e frammenti spaziali che sono lì alla portata di tutti ma che non tutti hanno la capacità di vedere. Un saluto, Max

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    Ronald Schmidt (mercoledì, 21 maggio 2014 07:19)

    I am very impressed by your photos.
    My favorites are "Dante´s old house".
    Thanky for sharing.
    Ronald Schmidt

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    Old Timer (venerdì, 16 maggio 2014 03:59)

    Wonderful photography. I love the abandoned buildings section-haunting and beautiful!

    Keep up the good work!

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    bmj2k (martedì, 13 maggio 2014)

    I'm very impressed with your photos, the street scenes and abandoned buildings in particular. For example, picture 17 in the set Factory 3 is one of my favorites. I enjoy the way the black and white palette compliments your eye for composition. I'm also impressed with pictures 2 and 3 in the Corsica street photography set, where the faces of your subjects say so much without even looking at the camera. Thanks so much for sharing, I enjoy this site a lot!

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    wednesday (martedì, 13 maggio 2014 19:56)

    fascinating city scapes. lovely to visit places i may never see and see them through your eyes... lens?
    i LOVE that old fender light Vespa!

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    Stockmans G (martedì, 13 maggio 2014 19:36)

    Nice pics , keep on the good work you're doing.


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    Osiris (martedì, 13 maggio 2014 17:55)

    Che bella foto. Vi prego di continuare il tuo lavoro perché non abbiamo abbastanza persone di talento facendo più cose belle ..

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    Soren H. (martedì, 13 maggio 2014 17:26)

    Hi Sem.

    I really enjoy the abandoned buildings and factories... many seems as great pictures to use directly as a CD cover or sample library cover. One suggestion: I admire B/W photos but I would LOVE to see your buildings and factories in vibrant colors too. Any chance that you might consider that?

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    Elassi (martedì, 13 maggio 2014 17:05)

    Hello Sem, I'm going to visit a photo exhibition next weekend but I have the feeling that I already visited one today. :)

    Congrats & regards from Germany,

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    JRD (martedì, 13 maggio 2014 17:02)

    Hello from Canada!

    Your images are all striking, but I especially love your abandoned factories and buildings. It's strange that something as sad as collapse and decay can provide such beauty when seen through the right eyes.

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    Aloysius (martedì, 13 maggio 2014 16:43)

    Greetings from Dublin. Ireland. I like the 'Parroco di lago (Lake priest)' pictures the best.

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    Domenico"Sem"Semeraro (martedì, 13 maggio 2014 13:55)

    Thank you everybody for your kindness.
    I'm pleased and flattered I managed to stir your interest with my works, and I'm especially glad you enjoyed my abandoned buildings and factories photos, as they are particularly close to my heart.
    Thank you all again for your comments, I really appreciate it!

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    Rod (martedì, 13 maggio 2014 00:03)

    I think your photos of abandoned factories are so interesting. old work places facinate me. Chairs that will never be used again, ancient machines that will never run. Your black and white work captures the spirit of these haunted places admirably. Bravo!

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    Dante Gambino (lunedì, 12 maggio 2014 23:47)

    Hi, greetings from Chile.

    You have built a really nice place reflecting all the passion and the professionalism you have dedicated to photography.
    It's a great experience to see all those enchanting moments captured by your camera, specially those of the street photos and the abandoned buildings that once had better times.
    Your great Black & White photos firmly confirm that they are still alive despite the current tendency of taking mostly coloured ones. I appreciate that.
    Congratulations and keep on your great work. I'll certainly come back from time to time to see what's new (hope to see more).

    Dante Gambino.

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    Carlo Celuque (lunedì, 12 maggio 2014 22:46)

    Wow! lots of great pictures in here! I loved the lake, windows and Varese landscape themes. Everything in here is very much rich in details and amazingly professional. My son quit his architect university course in order to study photography for cinema. I will pass on this site to him. Congratulations for the awesome work.

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    Kostas (lunedì, 12 maggio 2014 21:35)

    Very nice photos! keep up the good work! love and kisses from Greece.

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    Mik Sybrandt (lunedì, 12 maggio 2014 21:22)

    Wow! A goldmine of fantastic photos!
    I love your factory and old buildings photos. And the street photos, I like that you have managed to capture interesting people as an extra depht to the mood.
    Great work! I will come back to watch from time to time.

    Best regards


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    Peter (lunedì, 12 maggio 2014 20:16)

    Hi, Sem! I really like your work. I'm an actor in Canada and I was really intrigued by your shots of Teatro Periferico. Thanks a lot!

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    James F. (domenica, 11 maggio 2014)

    Hello from the U.S. What a great site. I really love the landscape and lake pics, particularly the ones in color. They seem to have some kind of otherworldly quality, yet I can't quite put my finger on why that is. Anyway, great job on all the photographs.

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    J.M. Von Kotterhausen (domenica, 11 maggio 2014 19:50)

    Hi! I'm a Pro HD/3D Nikon Photographer, and I really respect your work! All of it is extremely good and some of them resonate with me as top notch in all the field of Photography, including HD or HDR colour. I found you through your friend Mac of Bionight. I will be showing some fellow artists your site.
    Keep up the brilliant art!

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    Conny Olivetti (domenica, 11 maggio 2014 14:07)

    Hi there! Stumble upon your site, and was mighty impressed. Really nice and good photos. Specially the abandoned buildings! Keep up the good work!

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    Matt Cowan (domenica, 11 maggio 2014 06:12)

    Great site! I particularly love the pictures of abandoned buildings and factories. I write horror stories, so abandoned places always draw my interest.

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    Dave (sabato, 10 maggio 2014 23:38)

    My teenage daughter has taken up photography, with a special interest in old decayed buildings and structures. I enjoyed your factories and buildings section, and will share these with her as examples of quality work.

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    richy tronik (sabato, 10 maggio 2014 22:30)


    I just wanted to say how much I really enjoyed your superb display of photography, especially the street photography.

    Because I am from the city to being Liverpool here in the UK, well I can relate a lot to the street photography, also I find them much more interesting to with the shops names and the various old buildings/archetectures, that sort of thing.

    Though I will very much look forward to the Abandoned Buildings section of your webpage. As I have always found old derelict buildings to be very inspirational to look at.

    I will pop back in here from time to time to check how the Abandoned Buildings section is coming along and send you a review if you like.

    Best of luck m8

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    Fredrik (sabato, 10 maggio 2014 22:00)

    Hi! Greetings from Sweden!

    I really like your street photos! Keep up the good work!